Baby's First Year | Axl

Another wonderful Baby's First Year package that I'm excited to share with you...I love getting to know the family and seeing them grow.  It's a very emotional experience during the first year of baby's life and I am so honored when a family trusts me to capture their portraits during this time. I've been lucky to photograph this smiley guy since last fall.  Axl turned a year old just a few days ago and we had a wonderful time laughing in my studio while I photographed his last session in his Baby's First Year Package.  {Baby's First Year Package includes three sessions - newborn, six months & one year}

Below are some of my favorite shots from his One Year Session, his Six Month Session, and his Newborn Session!  Isn't it amazing to watch him grow and see his little personality blossom?

| One Year Session |Preview-002Preview-008| Six Month Session | 20150406Axl6mos-021| Newborn Session | AxlNB-021-2