Creative Live with Sue Bryce & Felix Kunze

Last week I was fortunate to attend the Creative Live Studios in Seattle as a student during the class Lighting Challenge: Natural Light vs. Studio Light If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram you were probably bombarded with my selfies and pics of the class (sorry!) ... I was really excited to be there!

This class was co-taught by one of my very favorite portrait photographers, Sue Bryce, and Felix Kunze.  I was 100% in my element among 9 other students (all whom are photogeeks like me).  It was an amazing opportunity to learn new techniques and reinforce all the skills I already have.  I made new friends from all over the country and left there feeling like I can accomplish any photographic vision that is inside my head! I am really looking forward to using these new techniques with future clients and continuing to create beautiful portraits.

I am so grateful to have spent this quality time among other portrait photographers whose passion and motivation inspire me to create!2014-05-26_0002