One Year

Jimmy | one year

Handsome little Jimmy played in front of my camera for his one year many smiles, "oooooo"s and plenty of cake frosting!Blog_fill_logo_stomped (2)JimmyCakeSmash-004_stompedJimmyCakeSmash-001_stompedBlog_fill_logo_stomped Jimmy1yr-023-2_stompedJimmy1yr-036-2_stompedJimmy1yr-031-2_stompedJimmy1yr-003_stompedJimmy1yr-006_stomped Jimmy1yr-011_stomped






Jimmy | One Year from Kellie Coughlin on Vimeo.

Simon Douglas | One Year Portraits

Simon Douglas turned one last weekend!  I have been so lucky to photograph this little guy during his first year...check out this collection of shots from his newborn, 6 month and 1 year sessions.

I had a blast at his One Year Old Birthday Party...

And after his party the whole family played at the park together...

And a little in studio session...

Love you Simon... xoxo