the value of online reviews

1655550_10153926669160456_1681459957_o_stompedOver the past few months I've been lucky to get to travel to some awesome US cities - mostly for work purposes but also with a bit of fun!

  • In January I traveled to Phoenix, AZ for the annual Imaging USA Conference hosted by PPA (which I am a proud member of for the past 3 years).


  • In March I traveled to Las Vegas for the worlds largest photography conference hosted by WPPI. It's basically an opportunity for all of us photogs to totally geek out on all the new camera equipment and meet our idols in the biz.


  • And in April I traveled to Los Angeles to visit my best friend and do a little wedding planning. She is getting married at the end of the month and I am her maid-of-honor! It's going to be so different being in front of the camera at a wedding - I'm excited!

But you know what I realized after visiting all three of these cities?

I found myself using my smart phone to look up local businesses and check out their customer reviews.  Almost every time I needed to find a good boutique, restaurant or bar I would make my decision based on how many stars the business received on Yelp or Google.

Since then I've made it a habit to leave reviews whenever I visit a new spot because I experienced first hand how valuable those reviews are! Just doin' my part to help my fellow consumers out there!

If you can relate to the value of these reviews I would be so grateful to read

a quick review from you on my Yelp, Facebook or Google page!

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