Camera Ready Guide

Some helpful tips on preparing for your Family Portrait Session


What to Wear


  • Stick to a simple palette of 3 to 4 complementary colors

  • Mix it up - avoid everyone having the same look

  • Add layers & textures for visual interest


  • Show off their unique styles & tastes

  • Clothes should be fitted, not baggy

  • Bright colors & pastels make little faces shine

  • Accessories are fun; hats, scarves, & chunky jewelry

  • Bare feet or clean, fun shoes


  • Large patterns that can be distracting

  • Large logos and graphics

  • Big, white sneakers

Hair & Makeup Tips

  • Choose your favorite look and keep things clean and simple. Avoid trying out a drastic new look or hairstyle.

  • A touch of hair spray to keep things in place is all you need. Avoid shiny, stiffening hair products.

  • Consider going slightly heavier on makeup application, especially with lashes and lipstick.

  • Kids never need makeup, they are perfect as-is!

4 year old boy jumping with big smile

Ensuring Great Portraits

Happy Faces

We aim for a happy, calm and fun energy for our sessions to make optimal portraits. For families with young children we suggest avoiding meal and nap times when scheduling sessions if possible, so little ones are happy and content.

Good Hair Day

If you want to get a haircut for your portrait, get it a week or two prior to your session. Great hair needs a few days after a cut to come into its own, to look exactly perfect.

What about Sparky?

Sometimes families are just not complete without their beloved pet. If you’d like your pet in your portraits we ask that you let us know in advance. Please make sure they get exercise and bathroom breaks beforehand so they’re happy during your session.

Smile & Relax

Smiles as you know are extremely contagious. Make sure your family is expecting the session to be all about fun and togetherness. It’s a special event designed to bring out and capture the love you and your family share. So smile, relax, have fun!

Thinking Ahead

2 Weeks Before

  • Get everyone excited & looking forward to the session

  • Select what everyone will wear & their accessories

  • Get haircuts or any additional grooming services

  • Schedule day-of appointments for hair & makeup

2 Days Before

  • Confirm any day-of hair or makeup appointments

  • Get outfits cleaned & pressed, & gather accessories

  • Make sure everyone is getting their beauty sleep

Day of Session

  • For small kids, bring along a toy to enjoy that keeps them smiling & calm

  • Bring along any extra outfits, accessories or props like blankets

  • Give yourself plenty of time to get to the session so you’re not rushed

  • Be ready to have some fun!

family portrait in mountains one year old boy